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LTC Quote is the software that agents have been asking us for. It's an easy-to-use Windows program that prints single or comparative proposals for your LTC insurance prospects.

Using LTC Quote, you can

Select a policy from a list of current widely sold policies
Choose the likely underwriting class for the client
Choose levels for all benefits, including special riders unique to the policy
See an updated premium immediately when you adjust benefits
Print a proposal for any policy in the database
Create comparative proposals showing plans from different insurers
Print up to 6 comparisons on a page
Show quotes for one client or a couple
Show the cost of waiting and buying later

With all these features, LTC Quote is likely to be one of your two most valuable LTC sales tools. It's from StrateCision, the creator of LTC Advisor, the other MVT (Most Valuable Tool) for LTC sales.

Policies Available by State in LTC Quote

(This list changes frequently and the tables below may not be 100% up to date.)

Alaska - Missouri
Mississippi - Wyoming

View a Sample Comparison from LTC Quote

If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can see a sample premium comparison report produced by LTC Quote. Click the "Back" button in your browser when finished.

View Sample Premium Comparison

View other illustrations created by LTC Quote

These also require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the "Back" button in your browser when finished.

Sample Proposal
Cost of Waiting
Simple Inflation illustration
Compound Inflation illustration
Alternative Premiums

Download a Demo of LTC Quote

A free demo of LTC Quote is available here. The demo program is the actual LTC Quote program. It works like the full program, except that the policies shown are simulated Long-Term Care Insurance policies rather than real policies.

The demo is a 1.3 megabyte archive file that takes about 5-10 minutes to download with a typical modem and dial-up line. If your browser asks what to do with the file, you can "Open" it, or "Run the program from its current location". If you choose to "save it to disk" you will then need to run the file by double-clicking its icon to install the demo. Save the file to your Desktop or another location where you can find it after downloading.

Please note that StrateCision cannot provide telephone help with downloading or demo installation. If you are unable to download and run the demo, we can send you the demo on disk. There is a charge for this, which is credited back if you buy LTC Quote.

Download a self-extracting archive of the LTC Quote Demo now


The subscription includes 12 months of updates via the Internet. New policies will be posted on our web site for downloading as we add them to LTC Quote. After 12 months you can renew your subscription for another 12 months. If you are unable to download files, you can purchase an updated disk any time while your subscription is current.

(Pricing is shown on the Order Form and may change without prior notice.)

LTC Quote comes with a 30-day return, with a restocking charge for all returns.

Print an order form for LTC Quote.

LTC Quote vs other companies' quoting software

Other software companies have introduced programs to quote and compare LTC premiums. Click here to learn why LTC Quote is the industry standard.

LTC Quote Maintenance/Troubleshooting:

If you are having trouble installing, starting, or printing from LTC Quote, click below to check the online help for these problems.

LTC Quote Troubleshooting

Download LTC Quote Updates:

Current subscribers to LTC Quote can download the latest updates to the program and new or modified policy information. If you are a current subscriber and have your LTC Quote serial number, click the link below.

Download updated LTC Quote files

LTC Quote State Supplements

State Supplements are available for LTC Quote and Quote Plus for California, Connecticut and New York. The Supplements contain Partnership policies and other plans sold only in those states. The Supplements were developed because of the large number of policies sold only in those states and needed only by those doing business in these states.

Each Supplement ships on a single disk and should be installed after LTC Quote. They are available to anyone with a current subscription to LTC Quote. If ordered separately, a shipping and handling charge applies.

View a list of policies in the CA Supplement.
View a list of policies in the CT supplement.
View a list of policies in the NY Supplement.


Although we have taken care to make the quotes an accurate reflection of each policy's premiums, users should be aware that LTC Quote is third party software, not the official software of the policy's issuer. Proposals from LTC Quote should not be used to submit applications for insurance. Rather, the insurer's software or approved forms should be used in submitting applications.

Also, the policies available within LTC Quote do not include all policies currently being sold, and if a policy's rates differ in certain states, those rates may not be included. Check the policies available in your state before ordering LTC Quote.

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