LTC Quote is StrateCision's original program for LTCI rate comparisons. It's an easy-to-use Windows program that prints single or comparative proposals for your LTC insurance prospects.

Although now largely replaced by LTC Quote Plus, LTC Quote is still available for price-sensitive agents who want StrateCision's Industry Standard comparisons with a lower upfront investment.

See Table comparing LTC Quote and Quote Plus

Download a Demo of LTC Quote

A free demo of LTC Quote is available here. The demo program is the actual LTC Quote program. It works like the full program, except that the policies shown are simulated Long-Term Care Insurance policies rather than real policies.

The demo is a 1.3 megabyte archive file that takes about 5-10 minutes to download with a typical modem and dial-up line. If your browser asks what to do with the file, you can "Open" it, or "Run the program from its current location". If you choose to "save it to disk" you will then need to run the file by double-clicking its icon to install the demo. Save the file to your Desktop or another location where you can find it after downloading.

Please note that StrateCision cannot provide telephone help with downloading or demo installation. If you are unable to download and run the demo, we can send you the demo on disk. There is a charge for this, which is credited back if you buy LTC Quote.

Download a self-extracting archive of the LTC Quote Demo now

LTC Quote Maintenance/Troubleshooting:

If you are having trouble installing, starting, or printing from LTC Quote, click below to check the online help for these problems.

LTC Quote Troubleshooting


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