Troubleshooting LTC Quote Plus

This page discusses problems some users have had in running LTC Quote Plus. It does not discuss installation problems, which are handled separately in Installation Issues

Is your program up to date?

Many problems with LTC Quote Plus can be solved by downloading the available updates. The current version of LTC Quote Plus will notify you if updates are available if you have an Internet connection when you start the program. Click Yes to download the updates, or No if you want to do it later. If you choose to update, the program will close and an update window will open, showing the files being updated. When finished, this window closes and the program restarts.

If the update window does not appear when you try to update, or if the window does not show any files being downloaded, then the update has failed. The two most common reasons for this are:

  • Your Internet connection has stopped or is being interrupted
  • Your antivirus program is blocking the update from running
To troubleshoot, check your connection and make sure you can connect to websites including ones you have not used recently. To check into whether your antivirus program is blocking updates, troubleshoot antivirus program

Problems not resolved by updating

Error 429 after entering Client data:

If you see Error 429 while or after entering client name, age, or state, it is likely that part of your Windows operating system is missing or corrupted. A fix for this is to reinstall msscript.ocx, a part of Windows that allows scripts to run. Use the following link to reinstall this component. You can simply Run the file if asked, but if your browser requires you to save it first, you must then run it to complete the reinstall.

Reinstall msscript

16-bit subsystem Errors

If you see an error message looking like
  • c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt system file not suitable for running MSDoS and MS Windows Applications, or
  • a reference to the '16-bit subsystem'
this results from Windows being confused regarding what type of application is attempting to run. Although LTC Quote Plus is a 32-bit application, some windows installations are unable to recognize this and complain as indicated above.

The solution is usually to replace the file autoexec.nt or config.nt, which is located in your windows\system32 folder. In rare cases the file may also need to be replaced. Although these files are not actually needed to run LTC Quote Plus, Windows sometimes thinks they are, and the easiest fix is to replace them anyway. Microsoft has articles about these files in its online knowledge base, e.g. Article 324767
or if you send StrateCision an email we can send you replacement files.

When you click LTC Quote Plus icon, you get Runtime error 13, Type Mismatch and no license screen appears.

This may be caused by unconventional Regional settings within Windows Setup. To check this, open the Control Panel and click Regional and Language Options
  • Set the language to English(US)
  • Set the Short date Format to M/d/yyyy
  • Set the code page conversion table to 10000 (MAC-Roman)
    Save your settings and exit, then see if LTC Quote Plus will run.

Can't print Alternatives illustration:

If all illustrations except the Alternatives can be printed, a possible solution is to reregister 4 Microsoft components that may have become unregistered. To do this, close LTC Quote Plus and click Start, Run.
Then in the Run box, type
regsvr32 vbscript.dll (and click OK)
This should bring up a window saying that registration succeeded. Now do the same thing with 3 other files:
regsvr32 jscript.dll
regsvr32 scrrun.dll
regsvr32 msscript.dll
After all 4 files have been registered successfully, reopen LTC Quote Plus and see if an Alternatives illustration will print.

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