LTC Advisor is a state-of-the-art system for advising clients on long term care insurance. Using your computer, you have at your fingertips:
  • A sales tool for insurance professionals
  • A training and reference tool on all aspects of LTC insurance
  • A competitive analysis tool for comparing policies

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Why use computers for long term care insurance?

Long term care insurance solves a difficult financial planning problem for many people. But the insurance is complex, and clients want to know what they are buying and why they need it. Canned presentations may have worked in the past, but today's consumers want objective, personalized information before buying. Now you can give your clients the answers they want about long term care insurance.


What is unique about LTC Advisor?

With LTC Advisor, you get an individualized analysis of client needs, including

  • The client's likelihood of needing home health care or nursing home care
  • When they are most likely to need care
  • The projected amount and cost of care they may need
  • How insurance protects assets
  • The best coverage for protecting assets

You also get an in-depth comparison of current LTC policies, that lets you choose

  • Which policies to compare
  • Which features to compare them on


Who needs LTC Advisor?

Insurance agents, financial planners, attorneys, accountants, state counseling programs, and anyone who advises clients on planning for possible long term care needs.


Ways of using LTC Advisor

  • Use a notebook computer to present the Needs Analysis with colorful and convincing screen displays, or
  • Print a customized report with colorful graphs in your office, and present it to your client at a second visit
  • Use the extensive Glossary to learn or remind yourself about key LTC terms and concepts
  • Use the Alternatives section to see why insurance is often a better choice than transferring assets, using home equity, annuities, or other planning tools
  • View the training video tape (purchased separately) to see how LTC Advisor can be used to counsel clients.
  • Use the competitive analysis to find the right policy -- show your clients why your proposal is right for them.


Comparison of LTC Advisor with industry-developed sales tools

Many insurance carriers supply software that quotes premiums for a client. LTC Advisor goes well beyond this by estimating the client's need for future care, and the financial risk of not being insured.

LTC Advisor was developed with a grant from the US National Institutes of Health. Its predictions are based on data from national surveys, providing independent, objective information to prospective buyers. It therefore has a credibility with clients that is not possible with guides produced by the insurance industry.

LTC Advisor answers questions not answerable by flipcharts, flyers, brochures, and other traditional sales tools that can't be individualized for your client.


Put LTC Advisor to work for you

Give your clients the benefits of LTC Advisor and give yourself a valuable counseling tool. Find out why "it pays for itself in a single use." Read on for our risk-free offer.

How Do I Get Started?

Order LTC Advisor by sending us an order form, or call us. Choose the Professional Edition or the MGA Edition if you are a general agent creating reports for subagents.

If you have clients in New York, California or Connecticut, determine whether you also need the Supplement for those states.

We'll send you the program, a user manual, and an optional video. If LTC Advisor does not meet your needs, send it back within 30 days and we'll refund the purchase price less a restocking charge.


System requirements and versions

LTC Advisor requires a computer running Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, or OS/2. Three megabytes of hard disk space are needed, and at least 4 megabytes of RAM. The program is on a single disk, with a User Manual. A 45-minute video tape explaining the Needs Analysis can be purchased separately.

The Professional Edition has an individualized Needs Analysis plus a comprehensive Policy Comparison and an Underwriting Guide. Pricing is Shown on the Order Form. One year of updates is included in the price of the Professional Edition. Updates are available for download from this web site.

LTC Advisor MGA Edition is available for General Agents who want to provide policy comparisons or other sales support information to their subagents. This edition allows the GA to print the producer's name on reports, thus providing a higher level of service to subagents. The MGA Edition is otherwise the same as the Professional Edition. See the Order Form for pricing. Subscribers to the Professional Edition can upgrade to the MGA Edition at additional cost.

A software Demo is available on disk, and the training video can be purchased separately. The Demo can also be downloaded from this site at no charge. Purchases of the demo will be credited against the cost of the full program if purchased within 90 days.

California, Connecticut and New York Supplements are available for users of the Professional Edition with clients in those states. The Supplements include policies approved by the State Partnerships for Long-Term Care, and other policies unique to each state.

Note: A shipping/handling charge is added to all orders except the Demo. Also, Massachusetts residents add 5% sales tax. See the Order Form (below) for pricing on all versions.


Download the LTC Advisor Demo

A free demo of LTC Advisor is available here. The demo program is the actual LTC Advisor program. It works like the full program, except that the policies shown are not identified by name, and client data is input by the program instead of by the user.

The demo is a 1.6 megabyte file that takes about 10 minutes to download with a typical modem and dial-up line. If your browser asks what to do with the file, you can "Open" the file or "Run the program from its current location". This will install the demo in one step.

Alternatively if you choose to "save it to disk" you will download the file LTCDEMO.EXE, which you will then need to run by double-clicking it's icon to install the demo. Save the file to your Desktop or some other place where you can find it after downloading.

Please note that StrateCision cannot provide telephone help with downloading problems. If you are unable to download and run the demo, we can send you the demo on disk. There is a charge for this, which is credited back if you buy LTC Advisor.

Download the LTC Advisor Demo now


Print an Order Form

If you need an order form to fax in or send in with a check, you can print it from within your browser. Click the link below. When the form appears, click on the Print button at the top of your browser window, then the Back button when finished printing.

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