Installing LTC Advisor or LTC Quote or Quote Plus

The LTC Advisor and LTC Quote or Quote Plus setup programs are conventional Windows programs, provided by Microsoft Corporation. They work without difficulty in almost all cases, but occasionally fail to install the program.

Following are some things to try if you are having problems with the installation.

If installing LTC Advisor Plus or LTC Quote Plus from a downloaded setup file, Right-click the setup icon and choose Run as Administrator from the menu. This is necessary in both Windows Vista and Windows 7, since administrative privileges are required to install. It is not needed in Windows 10.

Make sure that you're not running any anti-virus software. These programs frequently prevent applications from installing. If you are concerned that the disk may have a virus, you can scan the disk in advance with an anti-virus program, but do not have any such program running when you run the setup.

Verify you have at least 500k bytes available on your hard disk drive that holds the Windows folder (usually the C drive). You also need 3-5 megabytes available on the drive where the program is to be installed. If not, you will need to delete some files to make room for the program.

Do the installation immediately after starting your computer. Make sure no other programs are running when you start (there should be nothing on the Taskbar).

If you are downloading a setup file using a link provided to you, your browser may put it in your download folder or show it at the bottom of a web page and ask if you want to keep or delete it. You should choose Keep and then drag the setup to your desktop. If you haven't paused or turned off your antivirus, it might falsely report the setup file as malware. The file has been tested before posting for download and unless your computer is already infected with a virus, it is safe to ignore any warnings and tell the antivirus to allow the setup to run. Follow the instructions in the setup, and if an error occurs during setup, try to take a screenshot of any error message and email it to In the usual case the setup will complete and report that the program has been successfully installed.

If you are installing from a CD or DVD disk instead of an Internet download, the following suggestions apply:

To see if the disk is ok, run chkdsk or scandisk on it. A better test of the disk is to look at the files on it using Windows Explorer or My Computer. Specify the drive letter of your CD drive, and verify that file setup.exe and other files are on the disk. A still more complete test is to try to copy all the files to a new temporary folder on your hard drive. If they can be copied, then the disk is probably ok. You can delete the temporary folder after this test. If only some files can be copied, you probably need a new disk, contact StrateCision.

If you get a message saying: The specified path does not exist. Check the path and try again.
A possible solution is to install in compatibility mode. Do the following:

  • Click Start button, All Programs, Accessories, Program Compatibility Wizard.
  • Select the option to run a program on a CD. Click Next.
  • Choose Do not apply a compatibility mode, click Next.
  • Leave Display settings blank, click Next.
  • Click Next again to see if the installation works.
  • If it does not work, try again with Windows 2000 compatibility mode.
  • If that fails, try Windows 98 mode or Windows NT.
The above problem occurs primarily on Dell notebook computers.

It may be possible to install in Safe Mode, even if it won't install in Normal Mode. To try this, restart your computer, pressing the F8 key as soon as you see the message "Starting Windows". In Windows 98, hold down the Ctrl key as the system restarts. You should see a menu of startup modes. Choose #3, "Safe mode." After Windows is ready, try installing the program from the disk. You can then restart the computer in Normal Mode.

NOTE: These instructions can be printed from your browser and saved for reference, or saved on your hard disk as a file. To print, click the Print button at the top of your browser.

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